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Our online catalogue comprises of high quality products and consumables for the Solid Timber Industry is designed to help you find the right product for your application. If you require any further information about any of our products, please contact us on 1800 077 862 or send an enquiry .

We specialise in a wide variety of tooling and consumable products for the solid timber industry.

At Accurate Australia, we specialise in a wide variety of tooling and consumable products for the Solid Timber Industry, covering a large range of industry applications.

We’ve sourced these products from the very best manufacturers around the world to bring your business the highest quality items for every job application.

Our commitment to the quality of all our tooling will always be of the highest standard, ensuring safety for our customers and longevity of equipment and tooling.

We are committed to ensuring all customers receive a service that is trustworthy, reliable and valuable.
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accurate As one of the leading producers of kiln dried hardwood in Australia, we need tough, durable machines and parts which guarantee highest quality results. By using the FZ (Flat Tooth) sawblade, we are able to produce high precision and clean timber products first time, every time. Accurate have earnt a reputation for first class, reliable timber tooling! FENNING BAIRNSDALE accurate