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Coated Centrolock

Posted on December 2, 2014

In today’s advancing technology, Coated Steel is now dominating the Woodmachining process for all requirements.

After trialing the DC-TR Coated Centrolock knife steel, Accurate saw the outcome as not only successful, but advantageous to our customers also. Accurate have now produced and delivered the required return on the DC-TR Coated Centrolock knife.

DC 720 TR Centrolock

“As a joinery business that primarily uses Recycled Class 1 Australian Hardwoods, our tooling needs to be tough enough to withstand the extremely abrasive nature of the material to create accurate, clean machined stock quickly and efficiently. I was fortunate enough that Accurate offered me a valuable trial of their new coated steel Centrolock knives.

When trialing this product I found the benefits in the performance, life expansion, smooth surface finish and not to mention the economic value in comparison to HSS. This is a valuable product at Architectural Hardwood Joinery, which I will continue to use on our Weinig Cube Planer.”

Robert Chapman – Designer and Owner of Architectural Hardwood Joinery

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